Jump and Run

Jumper Frog

Jumper Frog is a Game. Enjoy this colorful version of the classic game Frogger. The goal of the game is to guide

Christmas Furious

This year Christmas will be furious! Many balloons invaded the North Pole, and Santa has to run to catch the gifts. But

Indiara and the Skull Gold

The adventure is starting! Meet and play with Indiara, a girl who loves to collect ancient artifacts. Indiara now have to get

Flap Cat Steampunk

FlapCat Steampunk’s newest game based on the blockbuster games flap. Help the cat FlapCat to go through challenges that are super difficult.

Flappy Witch

Flappy Witch is a game based on the flappy bird mechanics. Help the purple witch to go through challenges with two different

Dark run-2D Endless Running Game

Dark run is a simple 2D endless running game,Best to use chrome to play,Click mouse button or keyboard to jump,Step on enemy

Wothan The Barbarian

Wothan The Barbarian is a Arcade Game. Help your hero to run away from the castle dungeon! But be careful to the


Press the right and left keyboard. On the phone using the accelerometer.

Double Jump

Double Jump is a fun platformer game. You control a character that can only jump! Or double jump! You have to move

Ninja Pumpkin

You are a Pumpkin Ninja and your duty is to collect coins and destroy enemies! And because you are just an apprentice